Upstate New York

In the Hudson River Valley several old dutch settlements later were taken over by the British in the late sixteen hundreds. Among these are Albany and Kingston.


The Hudson River Railroad along with several others may have connected Lower Manhattan to Albany by 1848. The New York Central Railroad was consolidated in 1853 and expanded from 1855 to 1858. Railroads in the Valley included the New York Central and the Hudson River Railroad, which were consolidated by Vanderbilt (pg. 85) in 1869. I guess we can claim service in the valley by the 1860s. By 1876 it looked like this and by 1918 this From 1882 to 1884 the West Shore Railroad was constructed to compete with the New York Central, but it was soon purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad, then it was leased to New York Central, becoming a subsidary in 1885. source

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Upstate New York

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