House Rules

Characters will likely be 100 to 150 point characters with 50 point limit on disadvantages, and no limit on advantages (well 150 or 200 points I suppose). We will be using fourth edition rules (I am told that they make more sense than third).

No supers or mutant/alien advantages or disadvantages are allowed (there may be small exceptions that I cannot think of right now). Patrons, Dependents, allies and enemies are allowed, as they make the game more fun for me, but you must tell me about them first, and we will have to figure out what’s going on with them. In fact, you will need to run most of your advantages and disadvantages by me before play. Finding out halfway through a game that your character has disturbing voice when he attempts to introduce himself to a juvenile player character by holding up the bloody scarf of another child in town and asking if he recognizes it is also a source of fun, but it would be easier on me if we had known about your voice the entire game.

Disallowed: unfazeable, Power Investiture, Psychometry, Rapier Wit, Reawakened, etc.
Limited: fearlessness, hard to kill, hard to subdue, luck, Night vision, Reduced Consumption, etc.

This is New York, so female and other minority characters are probable, but you will take a social stigma as such. The social stigma of being female is not as restrictive as in prior eras, but still present (They can smoke in public and go to university, well sort of, for god’s sake).

House Rules

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